ARD INFORMATICS incorporate ARD GROUP HOLDING, produces end-to-end solutions in the application fields of ever-evolving Technologies.

• Implementation of a strong solution architecture.
• Software developer.
• Ensuring that existing systems operating in an integrated structure.
• Establish new platforms in consideration of technological advances.

The company has important accomplishments in the Public Law, Healty and Security Sectors in Turkey. The biggest private sector Judicial Network Project integrated with the National Judiciary Informatics System of the Ministry of Justice, offering informatics services in a wide judicial spectrum from the Bar Associations to Police Departments, from Public Prosecution Offices to Courts with an activity of more than 200.000 active clients and users. Although relatively young, ARD GROUP is the developer of the Logistical Warehouses Automation, Communication and Information Infrastructure project for the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster & Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) enabling management and tracking of the inventory in 27 logistical warehouses throughout Turkey with RFID technology. Furthermore, ARD GRUP is the first Turkish Software Company to collaborate with 3M Sterilization and Infection Control Solutions and the developed software branded and sold by 3M Healthcare Global offering complete management of sterilization process for hospitals of all sizes with full instrument tracking integration. ARD GROUP’s project experiences include ICT Consultancy Services within the framework of European Union (ITEA,IPA,Horizon 2020 Funded) projects and multiple R&D projects with National funding through TUBITAK and KOSGEB.

Product Groups

  • E-Conversion Services
  • Enterprise Software
  • National Law Software
  • Health Software
  • Cloud Software
  • Cyber ​​Security Software


Artificial intelligence/ Aviation/ Certification/ Cyber ​​security/ Defense Equipment/ Energy and Battery Manufacturers/ Engineering/ Medical/ Software development/ Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV - UCAV)