Anadolu Optomekanik Teknolojileri A.Ş.


Anadolu Optomekanik Teknolojileri A.Ş.

In Sivas Organized Industrial Zone, our company that produces biocompatible medical devices with 15 years of Medical Device Production experience, which can be implanted with high added value and quality value; In order to fill the quality product and workmanship gap it has seen in the sector, Anadolu Optomekanik started production activities quickly by establishing it in the third quarter of 2018. Regarding Optical Material, Lens and Lens Production; Aspheric and spheric lenses are produced in High Presicion Optic benches. Optical Coating Laboratory of our company; chrome etc. by thin film coating (pvd) method. makes coatings and photolithography studies. In addition, optical materials; AR-IR coatings are highly reproducible and accurate; According to production subject, we perform our production activities in accordance with cGMP in our ISO 5, ISO 7, ISO 8 (clean room) clean rooms. In our Aluminum Coating Laboratory; Surface treatment services such as anodizing and alodine coating, sandblasting and cerakote / duracoat / Molycoat coating are provided in accordance with the standards. In the process of Optical Material Assembly; We carry out precise optomechanical assembly operations by collecting the produced Lens, Lens, Mechanical parts, Electronic Card and Circuits. In the 15-year timeframe, the R&D, production and quality capabilities we have gained in the production of medical devices shed light on new investments and developed the same knowledge and skills; by creating products with high added value and quality; With the aim of keeping customer satisfaction high, we are adding new products to the national product portfolio by producing products that are not produced in our country.

Product Groups

  • Polymer optical material raw material reactor and synthesis equipment
  • Photopolymerization production line Optical material production track is fully automatic; stoning
  • Optical material production track is fully automatic;
  • Polishing Optical material production line is fully automatic; Diamond turning
  • Optical material production track Manuel Surface Profilometer controller
  • PVD Thermal Evaporator PVD Sputtering 22 bath anodized-allodine coating line 2 high-capacity manual shot blasting lines 1 cerakote / duracoat / Molycoat coating line AR-IR optical material coating device


Engineering/ Industrial Machinery and Production Equipment