About SAHA Istanbul

We will continue our activities without hesitating, to carry our defence industry to a position capable of producing advanced technologies, by taking place alongside our companies with all our capabilities for the national defence industry.

SAHA İstanbul


Qualified labor force working in the defense industry.


To expand the national production capacity in the sector and to open the doors of overseas markets.

Space Clustering

Preparation of the necessary infrastructure for more advanced national technology that will give life to the sector.

Turkey's Largest Industrial Cluster

Who are we?

In order to increase the efficiency of our industry in Defence & Aerospace sectors, and to increase competitiveness, we aspire national and regional initiatives, who work or have the potential to work focused on the subject, who have a high-quality workforce, who can collaborate to produce high-tech products, sell them in the international arena; and organisations to support them.

SAHA Istanbul Defence and Aerospace Cluster Association was established by initiatives of 27 founding members in March 2015, with the aim of producing high value-added technological products in line with the objective of developing a common synergy of 100.000 industrial companies operating in Northern Marmara corridor which produces over half of Turkey’s national income. The cluster has chosen Teknopark Istanbul at Pendik as headquarters.

In order to coordinate activities in the European side and Thrace region, a liaison office in DESB Deliklikaya Industrial Zone was opened. Currently, SAHA Istanbul noted a rapid growth with new members from all regions of Turkey becoming Turkey’s largest cluster and second largest cluster of EACP-European Aerospace Cluster Partnership, which SAHA Istanbul joined as a member in 2019.

In every branch of Defence Industry, we aim to guide our companies in aerospace industry, to inform and guide them to create consortiums, thus increasing our national production capability and capacity.

Our Vision

Being one of the world’s most influential clusters in defence and aerospace sectors.

Our mission

To create synergy by creating cooperation between regional companies in order to develop and produce high technological products using the existing potential in the region.

To ensure producing national critical products that are not being produced in Turkey

To create consortiums or production groups capable of producing systems and subsystems by organizing the capabilities of companies.

To develop World-known Brands by developing specialty areas or products and to create a global competitive advantage.

Increasing domestic contribution rate in national projects.

To cooperate in public, private and international tenders.

To establish and develop the cooperation between the members, public institutions, universities, research institutions, NGOs, development agencies and international support centers.

Establish and operate international accredited Test and Certification Centers.

To carry out common legal and industrial property rights services.

Form sectoral inventory and to create a detailed database and network.

To participate in national / international exhibitions and organize exhibitions.

Being a member of the National / International Associations or Institutions operating in the same field and perform joint activities with them.

To contribute to the establishment of defence and aerospace vocational schools.

Educate entrepreneur-spirit researchers equipped with a spirit of knowledge, technology and innovation

To provide support in all areas of production, marketing and branding to the manufacturers of equipment / materials and technologies in defence and aerospace industry.

As SAHA Istanbul, we will establish an eco-system that will guide both manufacturing companies and industrialists to domestic production and software, with the aim of eliminating dependence on foreign countries, and to assist in the aim of our state’s domestic industry development.