It was established in 2017 with an expert staff in the field to serve our country’s industry and advanced technology production. Our founders, who come from within the sector, have determined their main activity as machining services as a result of their long and detailed studies with the needs-oriented analysis. Our company manufactures light and medium heavy class tactical vehicles, parts of armored vehicles, marine and air vehicles, and transmission system with gears used in transmission systems. It also provides engineering and manufacturing services for machining in military and civil aviation. At the same time, spare parts and products are produced for vehicles used in the mining industry. Lapis Technology includes turning and various milling machines to realize machining, and it serves with a dynamic engineer staff who can carry out the production and design processes of the parts to be produced in these machines. Lapis Teknoloji aims to handle existing projects rather than just production by engineering methods and realize these projects in a quality way. For this reason, quality measurements are made with CMM device as well as manual methods. In the event of errors encountered during the measurements, our engineers are inspected and the source of the error is determined, and preventive action is taken to avoid any possible future errors. Our company, which has been engaged in engineering design and production for the medical and mining industries, mostly in the domestic and international defense industry, since its establishment, offers high quality standards, service and technical expertise for the most complex and sensitive manufacturing. For our overseas defense industry products that we ship to Canada and the United States, we are not only limited to machining, but also in the fields of sheet metal, casting and forging. As a company, we form our supply chain from companies that can adopt our own quality system and culture. We look at every project we undertake as an R&D project and we work to minimize the errors that may occur during the manufacturing process by examining the designs we have received or prepared in detail.

Product Groups

  • Manufacturing replacement parts for FMTV (medium family tactical vehicles), LTV (lightweight tactical vehicles) and armored vehicles
  • Manufacturing transmission replacement parts and assemblies
  • Replacement parts for marine vehicles and aviation
  • Manufacturing custom made parts made of exotic metals
  • Replacement parts for mining machinery


Ammunition Manufacturers/ Aviation/ Defense Equipment/ Engineering/ Genel